Mykal Rose and Etana with Band Live

What a show! After the opening DJ-line by Baba Sound, the Band rocked the stage till Etana came out. First she seemed little shy and annoyed by the loads of cameras, but with a while she got out of her soul and spread positive vibes with a strong and amazing voice to get under the skin. She was able to rock the hall all through full of joyful people as pre-act before Mykal Rose and even surprised everybody with 4 encores. Big respect to the band and the singers by the way, you were fabulous, accurate and demonstrated a lot of endurance! After a little break the voice of Black Uhuru, Mr. Mykal Rose honored the audience of Vienna city. It seems, that he had to warm up a little too, and changed somehow a little bit between the musical styles, but with the song Plastic Smile a real impressing show took its course. The crowd was obviously in a rootical, blessed mood and enjoyed the Dub, Roots and Reggae vibes till the end. Big Up to the audience, all musicians, the promoter Bunfiresquad for his inevitable bookings here in Austria and for sure our lovely photographer Mario Baumgartner: