The Bootz Brothers!


Domicile: Hungary

Origin: Hungary


Lead vocal: Ádám Németh (Mc Rashed)
Guitar: Bálint Németh (Bacu Jr).
Percussions: Gábor Huri (Mr Warrior)
Drums: Barna Faragó (Mr Brown)
Bassline: Márton Tóth
Keyboards: Szabolcs Ditrói-Tóth
Brass: István Antal, and other guest musicians..


The band formed, firstly in 2008, with 4 members. Havin cousinship, there was a great convergence. By that time it was clear that the band will play jamaican reggae music in english and patoa languages. In the beginning we started to make popular reggae hits like Bad Boyz or No woman no cry. Then we decided to create own tracks, what our singer completed well (still nowadays). In our repertoire, reggae and roots genres dominate, but we mix it up with some ska and dancehall parts.