I Grade Records

Reggae, Roots, Dub

Domicile: U.S. Virgin Islands

Origin: U.S. Virgin Islands


Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred – CEO / Producer / Mixer / Master


Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred, a native of St. Croix, is a musician, producer, audio engineer, and co-owner of I Grade Records. Since launching I Grade Records in 2001 Tippy I has produced, recorded and mixed over 30 albums with a range of roots reggae artists including Midnite, Pressure, Lutan Fyah, Dezarie, Niyorah, Perfect Giddimani, Glen Washington, Cornel Campbell, Toussaint, Danny I, Army, Abja and many others.

Tippy I’s skills as an audio engineer are highly developed after 15 years of actively recording and mixing music in the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and NYC. The current headquarters for Tippy I’s audio work is Aqua Sounds Studio in St. Croix, where he serves as head engineer and operates I Grade Studio out of Studio B. Tippy I is also an accomplished dub mixer – both studio and live, through his recently launched live dub sound system, I Grade Dub.

While he is most known for his work in the reggae genre, Tippy I is also a composer/producer of a wide range of musical creations, from hip hop to soul to film scores. While based in Brooklyn NYC before relocating back to his home in St. Croix in 2005, he was a member of the Downbeat Production Collective that produced several notable hip hop songs including “Hell Yeah” by dead prez feat. Jay-Z and “Ridin’” by David Banner feat. dead prez and Talib Kweli. As a recording engineer at Aqua Sounds Studio, he has recorded everything from steel pan orchestras, to bluegrass bands to jazz ensembles. His mixing and mastering credits have branched out from his own label’s activities, and he has recently mixed for a range of artists from the VI, US, Jamaica, Europe, and Latin America

As a musician and producer, Tippy I’s recent works are primarily centered around his collaborative productions. Zion I Kings – a collective of the producers of I Grade Records, Zion High Productions and Lustre Kings Productions – has developed a powerful new sound that has the feel of classic roots, but with a cutting edge HD quality and progressive creativity. Soundponics is a production duo featuring Tippy I and Padraic Coursey, the head of Aqua Sounds Studio. Soundponics has produced for a range of artists including Midnite, I Octane, Shay, Jahdan Blakkamoore, and Deeana Brown. Tippy I is also a bandleader and has served as the musical director and keyboardist with the Red I Band and the Jah Current Band – backing bands for many of the reggae artists in the Virgin Islands.


From Nemozian Rasta (which is a Midnite – I Grade collaboration) to the most current Therapeutic by Ziggy Recardo, Tippy I has produced over 60 albums, in addition to the many works he’s mixed and mastered, which is triple to what he’s produced. Visit www.tippyi.com for a full list of his production, mixing, and mastering works.