Reggae, Roots, Dub

Domicile: Jamaica

Origin: Jamaica


Roger Thomas


Roger Franklin thomas is a Humble Vessel that loves the art of music from Hip Hop, World Music, Reggae. Any Genre you can name. Playing his instrument which is the guitar and contsructing chord progressions is a very great part of the mission for us soulful acoustic musicians. A very talented writer and at the same time loves the art of performing even more. It has been this way since he was a lad performing at many competitions till the day he finished High School. He was also a member of the Jamaica National Pantomime for 5 years from 2003 – 2009 singing, dancing and acting. He has always been apart of the building process of this new wave of conscious young reggae artist giving a helping hand or guidance wherever it is needed whether or not he is featured on the song or just giving a few pointers to his brothers in music or just sharing the stage with a fellow lover of arts and especially in a group setting, there is nothing more fulfilling than hearing harmonies. When he is with his instrument he is at home and home is where the heart is. Singing and playing the guitar is what he enjoys most of all and you will feel this vibration whenever he gets this avenue of artistic expression. And he is an extremely humble individual who seeks not to be the best nor to lay any claims to be the best, he prefers natural growth and team work that transcends any self praise or gratification. This is why he was apart of the tour last year (2014) August in Europe where he did shows in Germany – Japhet Anniversary, in Spain Rototom Sunsplash where he performed with Micah Shemaiah on the Main Stage, the Showcase Stage and the Dub Station, in Bratislava at the Reggae Uprising Festival and in Poland at Reggae Lowski. This was a great experience and 1st time to europe.
The mission is a go and going to europe was the spark with no expectations other than to deliver the message of love to the world and sharing every moment with the Divine Creator in mind at all times. Infinite who is never thinking of himself or personal gain and seeks to observe those who do and not to be apart of any self gratification, focus on being and staying humble is his way to life and sharing the melodies of the heart beat and the soul because sharing is caring.
As he was taught by the Grand Matriarch of his family and he takes keen lessons from his elders and thus his love for certain styles of singing is from that period for it was this time in history that love was very strong in the hearts of the people and we seek to take that love to the people and that vibration now all is in the hands of the Most High. So let thy will be done oh Most High. Give Thanks and many blessings.
Infinite is a versatile artiste who also plays the guitar.
Infinite is a musician first and foremost of all genres of music.
Reggae,Rap,Dancehall,Dub and Roots


Plan ET (2015) – Jah Ova Evil Records © ™ & EDB Entertainment

Infinite – Turn Up The Bass (2015)
Infinite – Cutting Board (2015) Bassplate Records
Infinite ft T.J aka Likkle Briggie – Food Affi Plant (2014) EDB Entertainment
Infinite ft Marcass & Triple Threat – Crazy World (2015) EDB Entertainment
Infinite ft The Gideon – Waa Di Money (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Infinite ft Jahkime – Why You Wanna 8 Me (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Infinite ft Dxl – Wanda Why They Fear Us (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Infinite – Running Out OF Time (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™