Treasure Isle

Reggae, Roots, Ska, Rocksteady

Domicile: Austria

Origin: Austria


Rayna, Furious Horst, Mogli


Treasure Isle

the finest selection of jamaican music

the sound was founded in 1999. furious horst, mogli

& rayna who played the first time together around 1993 play and promote original reggae music. ska, rocksteady &

roots and dedicated a monthly event to

real authentic reggae a style of music which was careless neglected in

vienna & all over the world. so we sorted our deep selection (collecting started around late79 and the collections are still growing ) and the monthly Treasure Isle was born

we are connected with a lot of artists & selectors all over the

world. playing shows with U Brown, Ranking Joe, Max Romeo, Lee Perry,

Dennis Alcapone, Earl 16, Anthony Johnson, Lilly Melody to mention just a few

with sounds like caveman(Ja), David Rodigan (London), LP International

(NY) Massaya (Hamburg) Debuzz (Mannheim) Hakuna matataa and so many more with the tighten up/trash&ready crew, soul jazz london, selectors like Asher G,

Massa&Tommy Rocka Shocka (japan),

Gary the Matador, Bob Brooks and a lot more

with new crew member OssBoss a longtime friend, producer, mc and selector we extended the crew

with one more longtime reggae addict

cutting dubplates and specials with so much artist to add a big


to the ever growing record collection

we still have our homebase. the regular dances

monthly at Roxy (Faulmanngasse 2, 1060)

from september to June

so if you are in town you are more

then welcome…..

beside the monthly regular you could listen to Treasure Isle on viennas

internetradio play fm (every third Wednesday of the month)

also infos on facebook

for special dates and more