Reggae, Dancehall

Domicile: Austria

Origin: Austria


The “cutting edge” I-razor is an uprising reggae/dancehall singjay from Austria/Europe. He was born as Konstantin Zwitter on the 15.09.1983 in Rum/Austria. The first contact to reggae music he had with 14 years when he founded the youth band “Babylon Crisis”. He started to write reggae/dancehall lyrics and some years later 2004 he founded wid a friend (Selecta Izaak) the sound system “Dragunfyahsound”. Soon they started to play at parties and events all over Austria, Slovenia and Italy. One year later he joined the skapunkreggae band “Sue Sound Circus”, and in december 2006 he joined also the austrian reggae band “Millions of Dreads”. In the last years he played over 400 shows all over Europe and could get a lot of stage experiences at big festivals like Rototom Sunsplash Italy, Chiemsee Reggae Summer Germany, Socha Riversplash Slovenia or Frequency Festival Austria.

I-razor is creating reggae, dancehall and hip-hop tunes. With his vibrant lyrics he aims to make people rise and fight against the opression of minorities, racism and fascism! While spreading the message of love and understanding all over! In addition to his band projects, he is now starting his career as a solo artist, ready to hit the world with meaningful lyrics and melodies!


SUE SOUND CIRCUS EP – “Blazin’ through the streets” (2007)
SUE SOUND CIRCUS EP – “Rockin steady” (Hoanzl) 2010
MILLIONS OF DREADZ ALBUM - “Hands up” (Rebeat) 2008
MILLIONS OF DREADZ 7" VINYL – “Schwoaza Mann” (Rebeat) 2009
MILLIONS OF DREADS EP – “Love is the way” (Mod Music/Hoanzl) 2010
MILLIONS OF DREADS ALBUM – “Im Wandel” (MoD Music/Hoanzl) 2011
LA CHERGA FEAT. I-RAZOR - “Make a change” (Asphalt Tango Records) 2011
I-RAZOR - “Mek mi humble” – Flying Limit Riddim (Highlight Music) July 2011
I-RAZOR – “Life is a cycle” – History Riddim (BeastnHarmony Production / Out of many) July 2011
I-RAZOR - “Rize we sound” – Semsimillionaire Riddim (House of Riddim prod + label) September 2011
I-RAZOR – “Trust in yourself” – Dark Fader Riddim (Boomrush prod) June 2012
I-RAZOR – “Like a letter” – Letter Riddim ( J’Island Records / Jsmall Records) July 2012
MILLIONS OF DREADS 7" VINYL – “Summazeit” / “One Heart” – (MoD Music / Hoanzl) October 2012
I-RAZOR – “Like Jericho Wall” – Poorman Struggle Riddim (Prolific Records / Sugar Cru) October 2012
VENTO SUL FEAT. I-RAZOR - “Rize Up” (C MAJOR Records) November 2012
VENTO SUL FEAT. I-RAZOR - “Samurai” (C MAJOR Records) November 2012
I-RAZOR FEAT. POWER YUTE – “Pray to Jah” – My Life Riddim (Prolific Records / Sugar Cru) June 2013
I-RAZOR FEAT. POWER YUTE – “Pray to Jah” – Official Video (Prolific Records / Sugar Cru) June 2013
I-RAZOR – “The one for me” – Majestic Riddim (Flavour prod / Batelier Rec) December 2013
I-RAZOR - “Love is shining” – Ungrateful Riddim (Di version Prod / Soundguyz Records) Januar 2014
I-RAZOR - “Gimme de cheeba” – Empty Bottle Riddim (Dj Freeze Production / Vegas House Music) February 2014
I-RAZOR – “Never Stop” – “Come down Riddim” (Harry Rockwell Production / Vegas House Music) February 2014