Luke Nuk'em

Reggae, Dub, Dancehall

Domicile: Germany

Origin: Germany


Lukas Arslan


As a little rebbellious youth growing up in Germany the first music which could express my toughts was Rock music. I made my first steps in this Rock band but found my real passion in Reggae music several years later. So the next step was to create a Soundsystem to carry the vibe to the people. With 18 years I joined the Reggae Band “Gehör-Gang” on the microphone. I wanted to spread my message to the world thats why I started to write my own lyrics and start to sing them. Nowadays I record some tunes for my solo Debut-Release, sing on local events on Reggae/Dancehall or Dub Soundsystem or juggle and mc for Wild Lion Sound.