Ras Midas

Reggae, Roots

Domicile: United States

Origin: Jamaica


Ras Midas has produced critically acclaimed roots rock Reggae music since 1974. Singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, composer and producer, Ras Midas began recording unique and innovative songs for the famous Jamaican producer Harry Johnson at Harry J. Recording Studio (Kingston, Jamaica) and Island Records. Ras Midas consistently records with Reggae’s finest musicians and vocalists.
A true Rastaman with a distinctive style and a silky smooth voice, Ras Midas sings with the mission of a musical revolutionary. Dubbed “The Musical Prophet” in Europe and Africa early in his career, Ras Midas’s powerful messages of social justice, love, unity, and spiritual consciousness have remained unchanged over nearly four decades; he is frequently compared to Peter Tosh.
Ras Midas consistently presents electrifying performances and dynamic, high energy music with positive lyrics flowing over solid, original and authentic roots rock Reggae rhythms.
Ras Midas’s first international hit was the single release “Kude-A-Bamba,” recorded in English and Swahili on Island Records/Harry J. Records; the single quickly sold half a million copies worldwide. The first Jamaican artist to record Reggae lyrics in French, Ras Midas’s bilingual hit song, “Too Long In The Wind/Trop Longtemps Dan Le Vent” on the “Rastaman In Exile” album (released on the Disc A-Z [France] label) quickly climbed the charts in France and French-speaking African and Caribbean countries. “Rastaman In Exile” earned the Album of The Year award in France (1980) and is still regarded as one of the best roots rock Reggae albums of all time.
Ras Midas’s first album, “Cover Me” (1974), was recorded at Harry J. Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica, and released on Trojan Records/Harry J. Records. Also recorded at Harry J. Recording Studio, “Reflections” (1976), “Kude-A-Bamba” (1978) and “Rain & Fire” (1979) were released on Island Records/Harry J. Records; “Rastaman In Exile” was released on Disc A-Z (France) in 1980, and “Stand Up Wise Up” (1984) was released on Celluloid (France) and re-released on JML Records in the U.S. in 1988.
Background vocalists on these albums include Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Pam Hall, and Anesia Banks. Musicians include: Drummers – Sly Dunbar, Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Mikey Richards, Santa Davis. Bass players – Robbie Shakespeare, Val Douglas, Circle Lewis (Inner Circle), Ranchie McLean. Guitarists – Ernest Ranglin, Andy Bassford, Dwight Pickney, Gitsy Stuart, Earl “Wire” Lindo. Piano/organ – Gladstone “Gladdy” Anderson, Ansell Collins, Winston Wright, Franklin “Bubbler” Waul. Clavinet/Synthesizer – Peter Ashbourne, Robert Lynn. Horns – Dean Frazer, R. Nambo Anderson, Junior Chin. Percussion: Sticky Thompson, Noel “Skully” Simms, Bongo Herman – and many other prominent musicians. Sylvan Morris, one of the most acclaimed Reggae music engineers and arrangers, worked with Ras Midas on all but Ras Midas’s last two albums.
Ras Midas founded JML Music Productions/JML Records in 1987 and produced “Loving Vibration” (1998), “Confirmation” (2000), “Reaching Out” (2006) and “Fire Up” (2010) on the JML Records label. “Loving Vibration” was ranked No. 3 by worldwide music critics in the 1998 Top Ten independently produced Reggae albums category, and “Confirmation” was in the Top Ten for a nomination for a Grammy Award.
With nearly forty years in the music business, Ras Midas continues to push traditional Reggae music into a new and contemporary dimension while retaining its Reggae roots.


“Cover Me” (1974) Trojan Records/Harry J. Records
“Reflections” (1976) Island Records/Harry J. Records
“Kude-A-Bamba” (1978) Island Records/Harry J. Records
“Rain & Fire” (1979) Island Records/Harry J. Records
“Rastaman In Exile” (1980) Disc A-Z
“Stand Up Wise Up” (1984) Celluloid
“Stand Up Wise Up” (1988) JML Records (U.S. release)
“Loving Vibration” (1998) JML Records
“Confirmation” (2000) JML Records
“Reaching Out” (2006) JML Records
“Fire Up” (2010) JML Records