Alborosie Interview

posted on 2014-09-28
Irieunity felt more than honored to meet Mr. Alborosie at Sunsplash Reloaded Festival 2013 in Wiesen, Austria. It is amazing how much power one man is able to put into his show beside his skills to sing like an opera singer, Alborosie wraps the whole concert in perfectly high quality entertainment. We respected his wish to wait some dozen of minutes after the show, so he could make some calls per Skype and take a shower, to finally meet again on the couch, refreshed and purely relaxed.

Did you enjoy it on stage?

Yes it was a good experience you know, one more show, one less… So crowd was there, it was fun, you know, good experience.

You are a perfect entertainer on stage. Do you feel sometimes like music wasn’t your first choice, maybe you wanted to be more entertainer than musician?

There is… no no no… every show is different, you know, like shows depend what kind of crowd you have in front and what kind of energy you are pushing all the time. So I always, always, you know, try to enjoy it, no matter what. And that’s the secret for me, just enjoy it!

I saw you performing live a lot of times, but this time it was the first one, i heard you singing with your keyboarder, like an italian opera singer, it was really really nice…

I just do it for the crowd you know, I don’t like you know, they don’t have to know. Reggae music could be very serious and very, you know, like militant. So I try to be militant and you know, revolutionary and you know, and sometimes break the ice you know and some laugh, so it’s not 100% like „grrr“ you know. (laughs)

One important question for me is what you think about the modern Dancehall tunes lyrics and dancing styles like Daggering?

Oh, Dancehall music is necessary because it is part of the Jamaican culture, I love it myself. Like you know, like it’s big to see when you live in Jamaica. Go to a party and see all people, all, enjoy themselves. They wouldn’t do the same with Reggae, Reggae is more like spiritual, or more like meditation and skank you know. Dancehall is fun. So you know, Reggae need Dancehall, Dancehall need Reggae, they go together, you can’t separate them. If you separate them, the whole castle, just you know, come down, so that’s how I see it.

Do you see yourself as a Rastafarian or a part of the religion?

Ahmm, it is not a religion, most is it spiritualism, hmm, I decide to design my own spirituality. I am not somebody that I don’t really follow them. I everybody go left, well I must go right, ‘cause I believe that your relation with god, is you personal and own relation, you know. Nobody can tell you how to do it, when to do it and you know… So don’t want my spirituality to be like a uniform, you know, so you have to be free to be spiritual, nobody tell you what to do, you do it.

Most of the Reggae artists style Haile Selassie as the king of kings, what do you think about that?

Well you know, it’s one family, some say Jesus, some say Allah and some say Selassie I, you know, my opinion is not important, I know… I know what I believe, you must know what you believe.

I know what I believe in, but I want to now what you personally believe in…

Ha, (laughing), it is a very important question and what I believe is just one family, you know. We are going from Selassie is Jesus, you know, as one, it’s like a tree, the roots. You know and see the fruits and some people like to decide and conquer or unify and conquer.

I heard you are selecting a lot of recording stuff from older studios, like Studio One. What is the difference between older and newer recording technics for you?

It’s just a passion. Nowadays the youths them like this computer, the plugins and everything, they need the touch to the new thing. It is so cool to have the latest, for me it’s so cool to have the oldest (laughing loud)… So come, yeah but it’s just a passion you know, it’s not like it’s not a secret, there is no… you know, it’s passion… I instead me I buy a nice computer, I buy some nice old vintage gears you know.

Do you plan to make some more projects with Nina Sili in future, like on your newest album, and how did you?

Weel she’s a friend, we are just doing a song together, and she’s a, you know, superstar where she come from. So I let her do her thing, (laughing). Well we do one song and maybe have another song productions, maybe a real produced song or songs for the new album, and talk to her… you know, we have a lot of things to do you know, so we’ll see.

As you are a Sicilian and like cooking as well as eating, which pasta is better, yours or the one from your Mum?

My mama pasta, yeah know those! You know why? ‘Cause I just sit down and watch TV and the pasta is ready and I don’t have to work. Yeah! (smiling)

Thanks a lot for the interview, blessing!

Thank you too, alright!

Interview by Irieunity