DuB ReVoluTioN!

Reggae, Roots, Dub

Domicile: United Kingdom

Origin: U.S. Minor Outlying Islands


Everybody is part of it.
Current core members include Knatty P. , KeV the PoeT, Rainbo NinJaH, Bug Poo Crew, Dancing Fool, Sister Rebel Soul, Oracle Truth, Ben tree, Tenzing, Gail Force, Melli, The Plagwizzard, Sister Thea, Selector Blu, Diplo Kaloja, but every show different


Roots deep in the Bristol underground, come together round a radio show about 2004 , since then many incarnations and manifestations.
Now playing strictly underground, no commercial bars or venues.


Had a few tracks released on complitaion lps but main output is our radio shows. http://www.mixcloud.com/dubrevolution/