Reggae, Roots, Dub, Rocksteady, Dancehall

Domicile: Jamaica

Origin: Jamaica


Francini Olando Doyley


Francini Olando Doyley more popularly known as Dxl born 6/6/1984 in Kingston, Jamaica. Son of Winston Doyley and Veronica James. His mother unfortunately passed away on April 2/ 2009.
Dxl as a visually artistic youngster was more in to drawing and sketches up to the age of 13,
where he developed a passion for putting together witty and effective lyrics. A former student of Clan Clarthy High School at the time he would sing for his friends which were always well received. It was then he realized that he could use his talent to entertain people.
At the age of 18 he decided to pursue a career in the music industry, he then started his first recordings with a community based record label named Camaflage Records. Shortly after he formed another music label named Pressure Dem Records and started to compose beats and started recording other artistes. During the course of all these ventures he was tutored by Jahnoi (Selah) Nunes of Jah Ova Evil Records © ™ in how to operate the necessary programs such as Fruity Loops, Nuendo and in later years Pro Tools and Reason which now makes Dxl a highly effective element in any studio and a true asset.
He has released his debut EP in July of 2013 on the Jah Ova Evil Records © ™ label. Dxl emerges as a fresh new talent straight out of Dunkirk in East Kingston, Jamaica.
Dxl is sure to be one of the most infectious and effective artistes to hit the scene.

Dxl is a very talented and versatile artiste coming out of Kingston, Jamaica.
Dxl is a musician on the Jah Ova Evil Records © ™ music label located in Kingston, Jamaica.
Dxl makes all genres of music.
Reggae,Rap,Dancehall,Dub,Rocksteady and Roots
Jah Ova Evil Records © ™


Exquisite Content (2013) – Jah Ova Evil Records © ™

Extasy (2015) – Jah Ova Evil Records © ™ & HIUM Records

Dxl – Press On (2015) High Stakes Records
Dxl – Praise Jah (2014) High Stakes Records
Dxl – Never Give Up (2015) Famous Records
Dxl – Who Call Di Police (2013) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl – Heart Attack (2013) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl ft Tuff Like Iron – Gunshat (2014) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl ft Infinite – Wanda Why They Fear Us (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl ft Hardio – Mek Yu Body Work (2015) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl ft J Lee,Infinite & The Gideon – My Life [ J.O.E ] (2013) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl – Jah Jah Army (2014) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl – Nuh Time Fi Lay Back (2014) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl – Overcome (2014) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™
Dxl – Show Love (2014) Jah Ova Evil Records © ™