Earth Beat Movement

Reggae, Dancehall

Domicile: Italy

Origin: Italy


Irene MisTilla Bisori – voice
Stefano Ciancitto – drums
Alberto AlbeDub Giuliani – bass
Federico Reverbero Barbaro – keyboards
Raffaello Braccesi – keyboards


Earth Beat Movement are an Italian band formed in Tuscany in 2012. Right from the start they have shown passion and talent for creating reggae rhythms as well as hip-hop beats which are especially apparent in their earlier productions. The band is made up of five musicians, including lead singer Irene MisTilla Bisori, who has collaborated with several well known Italian Reggae artists.

In 2013 the band produced their first EP, EBM, containing eight tracks. This EP helped EBM win the award for ‘Best Tuscan Band’ at the Italian Wave Festival. In November 2013 they went on to release another single and video entitled No diggity the success from which has further strengthened their collaboration with producer Ciro Princevibe Pisanelli. The following year they released a further two singles, Devi dire sì and Get a sense, previewed from their first album Right road, which came out in January 2015. This twelve track album with tracks in both English and Italian, blends different sounds, from most classic reggae to dub and hip-hop to dancehall.

With a new line-up, consisting of established musicians such as Alberto Giuliani, Raffaello Braccesi and Federico Barbaro (former members of Working Vibes, Roots United and Bomba Bomba), EBM started their first official tour in collaboration with BPM Concerti in 2015, enabling them to perform on more than forty stages up and down Italy. EBM have released a further two singles entitled Selfie and You’ve got the fire, ahead of their new album, 70 BPM, published in January 2016. This work drops the earlier hip-hop sounds to make way for classic reggae beats.

During the 70 BPM tour, which leads them to open an Alborosie concert and to move abroad to play in Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Slovenia, they release Tell the people and at the beginning of 2017 they publish City light, singles accompanied by video clips that anticipate their third album.


EBM – 2013
Right Road – 2015
70 BPM – 2016
Be Stronger – 2017