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Worldwide positions will be updated continuously

Interested in being a Reggae Ambassador for IRIEUNITY?

Send a short description of your person and why you would like to work with us to takepart@irieunity.com

Please refer to further details below, concerning the different groups we are searching and the cooperation subscriptions. The map will give you an overview where we are still searching coworkers.

Reggae Ambassador

Irieunity is searching for Reggae-Ambassadors for every city on Earth

What is your benefit?

As a licensed Reggae Ambassador of IRIEUNITY you are permitted to enter every event, festival and live concert in your area which is announced on www.IRIEUNITY.com - for a small annual fee.

Please send us your application, providing us with the city name where you would like to help.

After receiving your registration, we will send you a short contract which explains all you can do for us and what you get in return in detail. Then you will receive your personal member card from us.

If you are ready and willing to visit our partners’ events in your area and provide us with reports and photo series, we guarantee your free admission to those events. For the administrative tasks around organising the website, handling admission to the events and the membership card we ask for a small cover fee for our costs of 65€/89$ per year. This enables us to grow and provide you with access to great events now and in the future.

You will be part of a new concept for a worldwide music network. Additionally you are able visit all of your beloved Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, Dub parties, concerts and festivals in your area for free.

If you can not afford the fee, but you still want to support us, please contact us nevertheless, and we will try to find a way to cooperate. Still, if you can afford it, we will appreciate the help.

If you decide to visit an event, send us your guest list request two days in advance and the promoters will welcome you as our Ambassadors.

Start now to help grow a real new concept of lifestyle and our music network by visiting parties, sharing your knowledge with others and spread the idea of one community - One Love → takepart@irieunity.com


As we are in the first steps of growing the project Irieunity, we hope to get all possible love and support by lots of music addicts worldwide. We would be really happy and blessed with your help with the smallest amounts of donations. Together we can create a new worldwide music network.

We invest a lot of love and time in Irieunity, wishing to ensure complete event and artist databases as soon as possible for all of you out there. Have you ever been to foreign cities, maybe as a student, a tourist, passing by or visiting friends/family and were looking for Reggae, Dancehall, Roots or Dub parties in the area you were staying in? We together can help anyone to find the best events in every part of the world.

Our goal is to offer complete databases to each and everyone loving all styles of Reggae music, to tribute new artists all over the world as well as finding dates from the smallest events to the biggest concerts everywhere, at your fingertips at Irieunity.com!

Usually it is hard to find information about those events without visiting tens or more websites. Because of that, people do not visit the events, the community remains small and stops growing, no youths moving up. Information is too spread out! This is why we are convinced that the whole community is able to grow the global Reggae network Irieunity together - if you support Irieunity in your own way. Do not forget that we are all together one, have one equal aim, spread love and respect to everyone and make life pleasant by music – ONE LOVE!

Your donations will only be invested in the project; thanks for supporting us at all, even if you are not able to donate money, everything that you can give us helps: event dates or artist profiles, event reports/pictures, shared postings and spoken words. Remember, we can grow the community together – One Click | One Sound | One Unity

Thank each and everyone for supporting Irieunity and donate whatever you feel like →

Account Holder: Irieunity e.U.
IBAN: AT51 1420 0200 1094 4598
Bank Name: Easybank Austria
Reference: Crowd Funding